Advertising Guidelines

Thanks for your interest in advertising on my site.

Please be aware that I only accept advertising for ads, products or services which are…

  • Congruent with my brand (Exercise Equipment, Juicers,etc).
  • Preferably Certified Organic (if food products)
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Assured Fair Trade
  • Ethical
  • Genuine/No Gimmick Products that don’t work


Why do I only accept advertising for products like this?

Because if you know me either virtually or in real life, then you would know that I value integrity, transparency and honesty above all else. This is why I only recommend and accept advertising for products and services that I personally use/or would use myself. If I don’t already use it then send me some sample products and if I like it I may even give you a free plug!

I also have a deep and underlying respect for the environment and all of mother-nature. I want to look after it so that my children and their children will one day be able to enjoy it’s beauty and embrace its health properties.

Therefore, if you have a product which you believe meets these criteria, then please contact me via email